SEO Tiny Stunt #6: Why People Fail in the Internet Business

SEO Tiny Stunt #6: Why People Fail in the Internet Business Especially in SEO!
Why People Fail in the Internet Business

90% People follow others in SEO, that's why, they fail. If he is working on health niche, I should be working too. He is working on ClickBank; I should be working too. Look he is earning handsome money via CPA because he has shared a screenshot of his earning 1000$, I can earn too. He is making handsome money on Fiverr via Graphics Designing; I should learn it.

According to the research, people who follow other people to be successful, they don't successful generally. The person who has become successful because of his talent, skills, and passion; that's why he is successful. 
I say to explore your skills why you were born in this incredible world.
Perhaps,you're good at cooking, you can start a cooking blog, and you can beat the competitors by your passion and talent. Perhaps, you are good at motivating others; you can make a Pakistani blog where you can motivate broken students and people to happiness. Perhaps, you're good at web designing; you can figure out the top 100 websites in the USA, then make the site in Pakistan that nobody has ever made.
I just want to say, listen to your heart! Do what you love! Then learn with your heart!

Ideas By : Muhammad Aamir Mursleen

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