SEO Tiny Stunt #5: Artifical Intelligence of Google, What Does It Mean To You?

SEO Tiny Stunt #5: Artifical Intelligence of Google, What Does It Mean To You?
SEO Tiny Stunt #5: Artifical Intelligence of Google

I don't know why Pakistani don't try to understand the core concepts of SEO rather they just cram the things being taught.

For example, when it comes to doing the On-Page, they try to get all the green signals in the Yoest SEO plugin which is the SEO approach of the decade ago.
|| If you still have doubt what I said about SEO Yoest, write any high volume and high competition keyword in the Google Search Box like "on page seo", open all the top 10 competitors, copy paste their title, URL and img alt etc, then check SEO Yoest metrics. You will realize what is the real game now - not all are following the rules of SEO Yoest because AI is smarter. ||

Rankbrain, the artificial intelligence algorithm of Google, has changed the internet. An article of 3000 words can be ranked for more than a hundred keywords. Because Rankbrain scans the entire article as you see with GTMatrix, understand the article like a human being then it can rank the same article for multiple keywords.
SEO Tiny Stunt #5: Artifical Intelligence of Google

I am not saying, you should never target the keyword, the keyword is necessary. In this modern age, the keyword in the title, URL, img alt, first 100 words of a paragraph, and somewhere in the middle, last paragraph and the keyword as a partial anchor text as an internal or external link is enough. The RankBrain has the ability to understand. You should optimize your article for other keywords too.

It is what I say to people, spend only 20 minutes a day how Google is working. Search for the keywords that are interested in. Open the top 10 competitors in order to check GOOGLE NY IN KO RANK KIYN KIYA BHAI!

Ideas By: Muhammad Aamir Mursleen

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