How Inamul Haq Mansoor succeeded in Shopify

A true story of the Inamul Haq Mansoor. Do you know about him? Ok I will tell you. He is Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Specialist Serving Top Brands/ Businesses for Branding and SEO. 
You can also see his informative blog posts at Imansoor.
  • Director, Digital Marketing at C-AtraX
    How Inamul Haq Mansoor succeeded in Shopify
  • CEO & Founder at Tech Mentions
  • CEO & Founder at SEO RDP | State of The Art SEO Tools
  • CEO & Founder at A to Z Electronics & Solar Energy
  • Incharge Nano Technologies Research Center at University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  • Network Engineer at Tripple M Associates
  • Worked at YouTube
  • Worked at Gaditek
  • Studied at ptcl
  • Studied at School of Engineering (Cal Poly Pomona)
  • Studied at NAVTEC Islamabad
  • Studied at 3M Telecommunication USA
  • Studied at IET Lahore
  • Studied B.E. Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering at AIOU
  • Studied DAE in Electrical at govt collage of technology Faisalabad
  • Lives in Faisalabad
Lets listen his story in his words.
I Watched a Youtube Video of a Person back in 2015, tried to reach him via email or facebook, found his facebook profile. Sent him message to talk to me, he never replied.Sent him friend request he didn't accept that. Sent him a few more messages, same response he didn't reply.

I started working on that thing, tried hard, failed. Went to youtube one more time, found a few more videos covering that topic. Started again, this time I got some conversions. Got motivation. 

How Inamul Haq Mansoor succeeded in Shopify
Inamul Haq Mansoor

Started working with double investment this time. Again it went better. Years passed 2015, 2016 and now in 2017. In 2017 second month, February that same Guy reached me. Alhamdulillah

His same words were, I am impressed with your work, you are very good in it, is there any possibility that we can work together or you can offer me services?
Conclusion: Now we are Partners.  Alhamdulillah

PS: Work Hard, everything happening around is possible, that's why it is happening.
PPS: That was Shopify, eCom Store stuff.
Stay Blessed and Good Luck.

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