Ways to Get Content Ideas From Your Audience

Ways to Get Content Ideas From Your Audience Without Asking Them. A fantastic idea by Abdul Waheed.
Well, keyword research is one way. But, sometimes, the keywords you find may not be enough to create a solid piece of content.
So … ​You have to ask your community what they have issues with or what they are curious about.
Get Content Ideas From Your Audience

1. Forums
2. Bulletin Boards

3. Q&A Sites Like Reddit, Quora etc
You can find that information without asking anyone personally on​forums and bulletin boards​. Or you can check a site like Quora. These are places where people ask about products, services, current events, history, etc.
Search “(keyword)+ forum” or “(Keyword) + bulletin”
If you want to read more about keywords then go to Why Do I Say Keyword Research is the 70-90% of SEO?
You may not find your main keywords or topics in forums but you can answer questions within your content that you notice people are asking questions about.

For Example: ​Someone who already bought a garlic presser may look to a cooking forum to ask for ​Tips (another great keyword phrase starter) ​or best practices for using a garlic press. They may come across a common issue and search through the forum for answers.
Your content can make that garlic pressing newbie aware of the coming common issues before they buy it. If you do that, you look like a hero and you gained a fan.

Ideas By: Abdul Waheed

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