Spider. Crawling. Indexing. Check Indexing

Spider. Crawling. Indexing. Check Indexing

SEO Episode 13:

Spider is also known as Google Bot. It's a powerful software of Google that crawls the websites. It's like an antivirus software that scans the files on your PC. It runs in the same way. It scans or crawls the websites on the internet. When it's crawled, it indexes the website. Indexing means to store the websites on its powerful Search Engine.

When Google crawls your site, it checks everything: How many words the article has, what is its on-page (Title, URL, Alt Image etc), it checks how quickly it loads, how many images it has. It acts like GT Matrix that takes time to scan your site. Crawling takes time. That's why it's said to keep your hosting fast so that crawling can be done fast.

In order to check your site either it's been indexed by Google or not, use this command of Google info:www.yoursite.com (Real Example at Info:ProPakistani.pk) If you see result like this i.e., cache etc. it means your site has been indexed. You can check your backlink indexing with this method too.
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Written By: Muhammad Aamir Mursleen