How To Do Keyword Research - The 90% SEO Part I

How To Do Keyword Research - The 90% SEO


Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO, I say, it's everything in SEO. You just have to clear its concept. If you have understood the purpose of Keyword Research, then you will find your endless ways of doing it.
We know we will do it for finding the low competition keywords that can be ranked with ease depending on the age of your site and the content you write and many other factors. Those keywords are those on which no or few articles have been written when we search in Google Search Engine. So we write articles on them and rank.
Don't Worry! A video is also available on these episodes.
These the major ways to do keyword research.


Yep, it's the best tool that can find keywords for you. Unfortunately, it's not free, but you can buy it for 5 to 10$. I will tell in the weekend video from where you can get.

After you get this tool, put any site of which you want to get the keywords. It is important that the site you put should be written without the HTTP . Otherwise, it doesn't show desirable results.

It will show results then go to Keyword Analytics>Phrease Match. There you will see all the keywords due to which the site is ranking for. Some major websites will have millions of keywords, and new websites will have a few. If you put your site, you will see those keywords too for which you didn't rank for. (If your site is new, it will not show because it didn't index your site on its database).

The real game starts here. You will use "Advanced Filters" where you set up the following filters:

A) Volume: If your site is new, you will place 2 filters of volume. It would be Volume less than 1500 and greater than 500 (Because you can select many filters at the same time even of the same category). Keywords will be shown. You will export the file in Excel and will check the keywords.

You must keep in mind my previous episodes in which I depicted about the types of keywords and intent. Not all the keywords will be good, but some will be! In the Episodes 1 and 2

B) CPC: If you want to find keywords that have some CPC. You can set CPC greater than 0.1

C) Keyword: Keyword then select containing, I love it a lot. You will put keyword like "how to", those keywords will be shown that contain "how to" like How to charge your phone fast.
As well as you can use the same keyword containing like "Tips", those keywords will be shown those keywords that would have tips. You will find those keywords and check the result. If all the websites have written only 5 tips, you will write 10 tips and outrank them (some other factors depend on that when it comes to outranking.

D) Category: You can select a category also. If the site is huge, you can select "Health" all the keyword related to it will be shown.

2. Google Suggestion:

I love it also. If you know how it can be used. You know when you write a word in the search box, Google shows eight results (sometimes it shows a few) even before you write keywords.

Why is it useful? Suppose you write a keyword "Black Friday", the keyword "Black Friday Pakistan" will be shown. You will press enter, then you will go to the related searches, and will search for that keyword. There you will find many useful keywords.

The best of Google Suggestion is to write a keyword than type A to Z to see the result. For example, you write "Black Friday A", it shows Black Friday Amazon etc. When you write "Black Friday B" it shows Black "Friday Best Deals". It is the best, isn't? You will seem all the high competition keywords are shown there, but it's not the case. Need a proof?

Type "elegy written in a country churchyard" it is a keyword then you write L, it shows the results as Screen Shot which has 210 results per month and it is a low competition keyword.
Keyword competition will be discussed in the future episode. It's the first part of keyword research of this episode. I will discuss more ways to do keyword research.

I know these methods are not told directly. People charge for it to teach, but I am teaching you free of cost. A video will be made also for your easy understanding. Knowledge To Bantny Ky Liye Hota! Rizk To Allah Deta Hai! Why should I worry Ky Ye Pta Kar Mera Risk Kam Ho Jana! :) I just need your precious prayer to keep this episode series continued.
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Written by: Muhammad Aamir Mursleen