How To Do Keyword Research - The 90% SEO Part II

How To Do Keyword Research - The 90% SEO Part 2/3


In Last SEO Episode 17, I showed two ways of finding keywords: SEMRUSH and Google Suggestions. I gave examples also. I will upload an Urdu video from Episode 10 to 18 on this Sunday (Tomorrow) as I made a video from Episodes 1 to 9 of 20 minutes - the link is given at the bottom of this post.
As I explained in the first part, there are dozens of ways of doing Keyword Reseach. The more you clear your concepts about it, the more ways you find for doing it effectively.

3. Google Trends:
A lot of people say to use it, but don't know how to use it effectively. You should use for an hour just to check its power for finding the potential keywords. Go to, you will see its interest started growing up on 24 November and was at its peak on 25 November. (I set the filter "Worldwide" to "Pakistan", Days to "Past 7 Days". The graph shows the following things:

  1. More orders were placed in Sindh as compared to Punjab.
  2. Searches for "Black Friday" in Pakistan was at its peak at 12AM, 25 November.
  3. Most commonly search was "Daraz Back Friday" and the most rising keyword was "khaadi black Friday sale". (You can find more such keywords in the box of "Related Queries" on the Google Trends site).
What does that data mean to you? Bhai Kya Karain Phr? Bhaioo Aur Behnoo! You will make use of this data for gaining the maximum efficiency. But How? You will keep in touch with Google Trends, you see that "khaadi black Friday sale" is on rise, you sell that things with Facebook Ads or any other ways by affiliate link as I explained in Episode 3, how to earn in Pakistan from affiliate marketing.
You will also check that the keyword is low competition, you can make a site on this topic for a better ranking for the next year. Mazy ki Game Hai Na? Nhi? Paisy Wapis!

Bhai! Ye Gali Nhi Di Mainy! :p It's the best site considered for finding keywords! Why? Kiyn Ky Ye Rokny Ka Naam Hi Nhi Leta! Pta Nhi Kiyn! You type your keyword, and it finds keyword until you are alive on Zameen!
It will find such amazing keywords for you that you will never find with any tool
I was about to write more, but the keyboard is not working (some buttons have an issue).
I will explain further in the next episode as well as in the tomorrow video. In sha Allah!
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Written By: Muhammad Aamir Mursleen

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